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Col d'Orcia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Olive Varieties: Frantoio 70% & Leccino 30%

Olives are hand-picked in November and transported in perforated cases to avoid heating. Cold extraction occurs within 24 hours of picking and the oil is preserved in steel tanks, away from heat and light.  After a short settling the oil is filtered through a cotton & wool filter, then bottled.  The appearance is clear green color with golden hues.  The taste is fruity, moderately spicy, with rennet hints, medium high fluidity.

Serving Suggestions: perfect on bitter greens, bruschetta, stews, grilled meats, sausages, pasta, grilled vegetables, or drizzled over beans or soups

De Angelis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Olive Varieties: Leccino, Frantoio, & Piantone di Falerone

Olives are hand-picked and cold pressed with stone wheels within 10 hours of picking, and preserved in steel tanks, away from heat and light.  Bottling occurs aAfter a period of natural racking.  The appearance is clear, bright, with golden hues.  The taste is fruity, gentle, almost sweet, with a pungent bouquet.

Serving Suggestions: over delicate flavoured seafood, grilled chicken, light salads, vegetables, pizza, perfect for pesto & wild rice

montevetrano Jams & Preserves

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The jams and preserves of Castello di Montevetrano are made from fruits and vegetables from the countryside of the Region Campania, together with exotic essences and oriental spices which had, historically, a significant influence on elegant local cookery.  For feasting with friends, or spreading on a toast for an interesting breakfast, for uncommon relish, or a glaze on a roast meat, to accompany a strong cheese, to associate some dishes to unusual wines. A surprise for a guest, an additional burst of color at the table.

Orange and onion jam

Ingredients: orange, sugar, onion, black pepper.

Besides being good for pasta dishes, the orange an onion jam can be a condiment for white meats such as wild birds, bratwurst, meat loaf, and also adds a special something to strong cheese.

Red bell pepper jam

Ingredients: red peppers, sugar, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, chili peppers.

Thanks to the intensity of its flavour and color, with this jam simple dishes become gastronomic delicacies. Cheese, sweet and sour fish, on a delicate fillo pastry an as appetizer or as a dessert.

Eggplant Jam

Ingredients: eggplant, sugar, apple, lemon.

This eggplant jam can be used in a different ways: with cheese, as a side dish to write meats or pork, but also as a dessert together with lemon rinds to make a great pie.

Pumpkin jam

Ingredients: pumpkin, sugar, apple vinegar, apple, pistachios, natural orange flavour extract, cinnamon, cloves.

The sweet and sour flavour of the pumpkin jam is great for stuffed onions, or dressing potatoes, endives, and is also delicious with vanilla ice-cream.

Celery marmalade

Ingredients: celery, sugar, lemon juice.

Celery marmalade is wonderful for breakfast on a brioche and is delicious next to steamed meats, ham or delicate fish with almonds.

Orange and prune jam

Ingredients: orange, sugar, dried prunes with ascorbic acid, black pepper.

Besides being wonderful for pies, the orange and prune jam can also be diluted as a sauce in order to accompany escarole and capers, anchovy balls, creamy salt cod, pork meat and cheese.